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Mon, Mar. 17th, 2008, 10:23 am
jimbokundesu: With the introduction!

Name: Jarrad Chapman

Age: 27

Gaming experience: mostly of the video kind, from NES to 360. Also wanting to play a little D&D again, maybe M:TG (but it's sooo expensive and I have NOTHING type II anymore). WoW is fun, but being guildless on Malfurion is not a productive experience. it's starting to be more trouble than it's worth to see the endgame stuff that's supposedly really cool.

Location; Norcross, GA these days... may change in couple of months...

Marital status: Painfully single. Not a fan of it.

Longest time in one place gaming: Civilization 1-4...one game takes about 8-10 hours straight of me sitting and building and winning and playing again...

Highest Level reached in any game: 255 (multipe times) in Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSX). I enjoyed every bit of it.

Game related site I frequent: (tie) GameSpot and Penny-Arcade.

Further bulletins as events warrant....