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Sun, Mar. 16th, 2008, 11:47 pm
towards: Total n00b.

1) First Name: Alicia (Aly)

2) Age: 24

3) I am insanely new to the online gaming arena. I've played video games for a long time (I like Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza, and I surprisingly like Bully as well.) I love the Sims 2 (computer version). Online, I play Gaia and I've started playing Secret of the Solstice. And I'm currently looking into WoW. My sister's teaching me to play Dungeons and Dragons, and I played Magic the Gathering for awhile in high school.

4) Florida, for the third time in my life.

5) Currently unofficially engaged to my girlfriend of 8 years. (Yeah.. try being a gay gamer in Florida.)

6) Longest time you've sat in one place rolling the dice or clicking the controller: The first time I ever played the original Sims game, about seven years ago, I was on the computer for about 36 hours straight, getting up only to use the bathroom.

7) Game in which you have the highest level character: Erm.. well, I've progressed the farthest in Yakuza.

8) Anime? Sci-fi/Fantasy movies? What other nerdy hobbies do you have? I read a little manga, I html code like a fiend, and I've been obsessed with Buffy since it first aired, and written fanfiction about it and a few other things since 1998.

9) What game related website do you most frequent? Secret of the Solstice and Gaia.

Anyone else play Solstice? It's my first mmorpg, and I'm in love with it. Also, if you can recommend any other mmorpgs that are fun and either free or really cheap (or paying for stuff is optional), that would be sweet. I tried Immortals but the program was really, really buggy. Also, I'm not sure if SecondLife qualifies as a "game" but I played that for a couple months or so, but the program doesn't really perform well on my computer. Very jumpy.

Thanks! <3

Sun, Mar. 9th, 2008, 07:39 am
enligo: seasoned upstate south carolina geek/nerd looking for own kind

1) first name: pelius

2) age: 30 (venerable)

3) games played: mostly traditional RPGs such as risus, munchkin, magic: the gathering, dungeons & dragons (all editions), advanced dungeons & dragons (all editions), rolemaster, MERP, traveller, plus dozens of self-created homebrew systems.  favorite computer RPGs include skies of arcadia, the final fantasy series, and the dragon warrior series, with the warcraft series, nethack, and starflight added for background flavor. avoided MMORPGs so far due to limited time constraints, but will soon join family and friends on world of warcraft.

4) location: sarasota, florida now, soon to re-relocate to greenville, south carolina

5) marital status: separated (free!)

6) longest time you've sat in one place rolling the dice or clicking the controller: in my heyday i regularly GMed sessions from morning to night for days on end, sometimes over 16+ hours straight, occassionally for several weeks during summer break.  my video game marathons could easily go 12-16 hours a day for extended periods.

7) game in which you have the highest level character: because i created and played my own games, this is a trick question . . . . . i would have to dig out the old character sheets because it's been so long!

8) anime? sci-fi? fantasy movies? other nerdy hobbies?:  love anime since the first US releases of nausicaa and unico.  fantasy movies rarely live up to my expectations, though the lord of the rings releases were awesome.  aside from gaming, i am involved with exotic space propulsion experiments....and i am not joking, either. :>

9) game-related site most frequented? not many of major interest to me out there, but i recommend:
http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/risus.htm (the anything RPG!)
http://www.lumpley.com/ (unique traditional game design dynamics)

Sat, Feb. 9th, 2008, 02:07 pm
satyrsdance: Its been a while since my last post

Yeah, I know. Its been a while and I'm sorry for all of those people who were reading my updates on the Araelia chronicle. It came to a dead stop...time schedules, people, their girlfriends (*insert disgusted sigh here*) and other things.

However, I am thinking of running a Scion: HERO game. Has anyone here run Scion before? I've familiar with the D10 system, in fact I consider myself of White Wold ST only.

I would love pointers or shared experiances from anyone.

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Sat, Feb. 9th, 2008, 11:40 am
sonof2ravens: Sad Traveller News

Just found out about the Traveller for hero system.
Unfortunately Comstars license will end this year due to the Mongoose License.
Sad too from what I hear Comstar did a fine write up that supports all the eras.
I have worried that D20 dominance would suck up the oxygen from other games and this would seem to be a case.
They say they might still have time to do more books before the license runs outif sales go well.
I guess I'll buy direct from comstar and try to get a game going.

Sat, Dec. 15th, 2007, 07:17 am
acchance: new website

I just started:


to help locate local tournaments and events. I am working on a master list of shops in the gulf south as well, so please post and spread the world.

Tue, Nov. 20th, 2007, 07:40 am
mnemenoi: Introduction

Introducing yourself: (The Givens!)
1) First Name - Roy
2) Age - 34
3) Games - I run an AD&D 2nd dwarven campaign set in the realms and run old WoD LARPs at cons and at Rice, though I have played too many games to list here
4) Location - Houston (Heights), Texas

Introducing yourself: (Not necessary but good fun!)
5) Marital Status - I have been with my fiance for a very long time
6) Longest Game - Any Larp I run, there at six p.m. leave at 4 a.m. and then to breakfast
7) Highest level Character - I never get to play, it sucks (do bad guys at a larp count?)
8) Hobbies - Fishkeeping, DJ, Music, Orchids, Soccer, Ren Faires
9) Frequented Gaming Sites - Our Yahoo group, or our myspace for our D&D group

Fri, Nov. 2nd, 2007, 08:13 am
fatty_mcfatster: Looking for a new WoW PvP server

Hello to all of you World of Warcraft friends. My boyfriend and I are currently looking to find a new PvP server for our 70 BE Paladin and 70 Undead Warrior. We are now stuck on Jaedenar, which is way under populated, and would like to find a server with players willing to run all instances heroic and non-heroic alike, a decent battlegroup for arenas is also needed. We are both decently geared and are Kara attuned and all of that jazz. If anyone LOVES their server, or knows of a great server to transfer to please let me know. Thanks loves! <3

Sun, Oct. 28th, 2007, 08:54 am
rynthehylian: Hello

Introducing yourself: (The Givens!)
1) First Name: Lauryn
2) Age: 20
3) Games you play and how long you've played them!
  • Dofus: I've been playing this for about a year. My main is on Rushu and she is a level 58  Osamodas in the Louvre guild. I also have an Alt on Shika named Lady-Juliet and she is a level 23 Feca.
  • Perfect World: I played Closed Beta for a day and now I'm waiting on Open Beta to start.
  • The Legend of Zelda: I've been playing Zelda games since I was very young on the NES. It's my favorite series
  • Pokemon: I've been playing Pokemon since Yellow. You can check my journal for my Diamond information ;3
  • Dungeons and Dragons: I play whenever my friends play. We never seem to stay with the same characters/storyline.. I've played off and on for a few years.
  • I own mainly Nintendo consoles. A Gameboy Color, GBA, DS, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube.
4) Location: North Mississippi

Introducing yourself: (Not necessary but good fun!)
5) Marital Status: I'm engaged and he likes to game as well. We met through roleplaying on online chatrooms.
6) Longest time you've sat in one place rolling the dice or clicking the controller. I dunno. My guess is 10 hours.
7) Game in which you have the highest level character. Dofus, since it's really the first MMO I've played. Unless Pokemon counts ;3
8) Anime? Sci-fi/Fantasy movies? What other nerdy hobbies do you have? I like some anime and manga. I attend anime conventions and cosplay sometimes. I also enjoy the occasional fantasy movie.
9) What game related website do you most frequent?  ImpsVillage.com is a fan-forum for Dofus. It's a great community.

Fri, Oct. 26th, 2007, 10:58 am
writersblock_va: (H) Casual/Family Guild recruiting on Thorium Brotherhood (US)

Hey there Folks, I thought I'd put this up in hopes of finding some more people for the guild I'm a member of on Thorium Brotherhood.  We're a small guild thats looking to grow and see some end-game content. We're pretty laid back, and like to help each other out.  If you're interested in finding out some more, check the link below! 



Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007, 04:31 pm
geminiknight: (no subject)

Introducing yourself: (The Givens!)

1) First Name: Jason

2) Age: 30

3) Games you play and how long you've played them! (If online, give server/char info, etc.) - Lesse, I've played all sorts of tabletop RPGs, but the main ones are D&D, Rifts, Shadowrun, White Wolf (both tabletop and LARP). I've dabbled with various MMORPGs too, but I tend to get bored with them after a month or two.

4) Location - Birmingham/Odenville, AL

5) Marital Status - Married to another gamer

6) Longest time you've sat in one place rolling the dice or clicking the controller. - I've pulled some all night D&D gaming sessions in my younger days, but probably the longest would be back when I was a kid and got my first Nintendo.

7) Game in which you have the highest level character. - Send in the clones!

8) Anime? Sci-fi/Fantasy movies? What other nerdy hobbies do you have? I've been known to do some 40K from time to time, I've wanted to get involved in the SCA for a while, and I've read most of the prequisite geek library, leaning mostly to the fantasy side of things.

9) What game related website do you most frequent? www.giantitp.com Order of the Stick gaming webcomic for the win!

Questions answered, the main reason I wanted to post is that I'm searching for any tabletop games that are going on around my area. It's maddeningly hard to find any groups to play with around here. You'd think there'd be an awesome gamer registry online, especially how technogeek gamers can be, but nooooo.... So yeah, if you've got a game going anywhere less than an hour's drive from Birmingham, drop me a line? I'll be your bestest friend forever?

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