The Order of Deep South Geeks and Nerds

Gamers, unite!

Gamers and Role-Players in the Southern USA
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This community is dedicated to those who game in the Southern United States, whether it be console, online, tabletop, or LARP.

I am currently looking for a nifty, general layout, if anyone would like to assist! I'm not the most HTML savvy mod out there....

Goals of this Community:
-To give assistance and advise to those who ask.
-To connect with local gamers in your community.
-To banter creative and mature ideas and topics.

The Rules: (Subject to change, please check back periodically)
1) Please watch the language.
2) Do not harrass another member because of differing opinions. Debating is one thing, fighting is another. If it gets THAT bad, take it HERE.
3) Stay on topic. There are many, many games to talk about after all.
4) If you have a similar community, awesome! Fill us in! If you want to sell/trade/buy something game related, you are welcome to do that as well. Quizzes are fine. Game and geek related events are fine. But...PLEASE PUT ALL OF THE ABOVE BEHIND AN LJ-CUT, WITH A DESCRIPTION. <*lj-cut text="Description here"> <*/lj-cut> (minus the asterisks of course). A friendly reminder will be issued to those who do not do the cut (the reason I ask for it at all is because some folks don't want to read advertisements/plugs/quizzes), while those who advertise something unrelated will simply have their post deleted.
5) If you want to meet up with a fellow gamer, don't post your personal info in the community. It IS a public place after all!
6) Only join if you live in the South, or are planning to move to the South and want to find a gaming group or friends with similar interests. That is the point of this community. ;)
7) And finally, if you join, please introduce yourself! You won't get anywhere by not speaking up! The questions below are examples, but if you don't use them, say SOMETHING!

Introducing yourself: (The Givens!)
1) First Name
2) Age
3) Games you play and how long you've played them! (If online, give server/char info, etc.)
4) Location

Introducing yourself: (Not necessary but good fun!)
5) Marital Status (Yes.....boys AND girls game! Ya never know...)
6) Longest time you've sat in one place rolling the dice or clicking the controller.
7) Game in which you have the highest level character.
8) Anime? Sci-fi/Fantasy movies? What other nerdy hobbies do you have?
9) What game related website do you most frequent?

Any other info you wish to share is fine! Meet and greet, have fun, and thanks for your time. ;)